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Castaway "Where Is Your Power?" 7" Vinyl SMASH /100

Castaway "Where Is Your Power?" 7" Vinyl SMASH /100

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Castaway "Where Is Your Power?" 7" smash vinyl.  Last one we have. /100

This auction is to raise money to provide Christmas gifts and dinner for a family in need in the Raleigh, NC area.  Please note the below information.

1. You need an account to bid
2. There are 2 ways to bid.
    2a. Putting a bid in the box and clicking PLACE MY BID. This will bid your actual amount in full.
   2b. Clicking “Place Automatic Bid”. This will auto bid for you like you find on eBay.
3. Due to snipers, and this being for charity, this is set for Popcorn bidding. This means if someone waits until the last second to bid, the system will add 5 minutes to give everyone a fair shot.
4. Should there be any bugs, I’ll have to cancel the auction and go to eBay or some shit, but I don’t think that will happen.
5. Please do not bid if you can't pay within 2 days of completion.